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Women in Solidarity is a clinic located in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Begun in the early 1990's by Rosa Escobar, the clinic focuses on medical services for women and children. In Guatemala, most men have a "carnet" (health card) through their work that provides them with medical attention, when needed.

The LPN Training Program can accept 30 students each cycle. The majority of the students are young women who work in the maquiladoras (sweat shops) on the edges of Guatemala City. Hours are very long, the pay is meager, and treatment of the women often borders on abuse. Becoming an LPN allows for dignified labor for the women. As soon as they graduate, students are hired by hospitals, clinics, and home care. The LPN's are oftentimes the only source of medical service in their marginated communities.

The LPN Training Program is possible only through donations.


LPN Training Program
LPN Training Program


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