Once you have decided which program you would like to experience you will need to reserve a spot. Fill out and return our REGISTRATION FORM, which reserves a place for you in the program. If you would like a registration form sent by mail, please send us a request.

Registration Fee
A non-refundable (unless program is cancelled by GATE) registration fee is required to hold your spot.  Each program has a registration fee of $150.00.  However, as an incentive to register early, you will receive a $50.00 discount if registration form and fee are sent in by the registration deadline date of the program. You are not considered a participant until our office receives your registration form and registration fee.

Program Fee
Program costs differ for each program.  Please go to the Programs main page to find the program that might interest you, and click on your desired destination. Prices are included on each individual program page.
International airfare is not included.  All fees are in U.S. dollars.  Program prices are subject to change.  In Mexico, Central and South America, program fees covers all lodging, transportation within the country and meals (except one meal and taxi to the airport, approximately $18 per vehicle or less).  
**All programs have a minimum number of 12 and $150 non-refundable (unless program is canceled) registration fee.  Mail your registration fee by the deadline date of the program and receive a $50 reduction.
Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.  Please make check payable to GATE

Cancellation Policy
Registration fee is non-refundable unless GATE cancels a scheduled program. If not enough people sign up for a trip, the registration fee may be applied to another program.
For participants who do not pre-pay their program fee, a late cancellation (three months or less prior to program start), will result in a late cancellation fee. A minimum of $150.00 will be charged. Depending upon the timeline, the late cancellation fee will be raised incrementally at the Director's discretion starting at two months prior to the program start. The closer to the program start date an individual cancels their registration, the higher the cancellation fee. This may vary from the minimum of $150.00 to the forfeit of the program fee in its entirety.
Any participant who cancels, from 14 days or less prior to the program start date, forfeits the program fee in its entirety. GATE is a non-profit organization and all program fees are used to run each individual program.
GATE maintains the right to cancel with full refund of all fees. A trip is confirmed when a program has enough participants.  Please do not purchase your plane tickets until notified by the GATE office that your program has been confirmed. GATE is not responsible for charges incurred by individuals who purchase airline tickets without a program confirmation.
Though it has never been necessary, GATE maintains the right to cancel a trip in the event of war, civil unrest, cataclysmic weather conditions, strikes, health emergencies or anything beyond GATE's control that would make the trip impossible or dangerous.
Some additional notes:
1. GATE will make every effort to meet all participants who arrive on the opening date of the program. Generally, the program begins with the evening meal, around 6 or 6:30 p.m. If participants arrive after that time, they are responsible for their own transportation to the hotel and their own evening meal. We suggest that you either carry your own food on the plane or purchase food in an airport.
2. If participants choose to arrive before the program begins, they are responsible for their own transportation to the hotel, plus any and all meals before the program begins. If participants chose to remain longer, they are responsible for any and all meals, plus their own transportation to the airport. Any extra nights before or after the program are the expense of the participant.

3. The programs conclude with breakfast on the final date. If participants have very early flights and are gone before breakfast, GATE is not responsible for their breakfast.


Printable Registration Form