GATE offers cultural   immersion programs and   pilgrimage opportunities in Latin America. 

Our mission is to create
an awareness of other
cultures and their realities through people-to-people connections.  

We offer the opportunity to learn from the poor, as well as, from social analysts,   teachers, theologians and economists. The program connects participants   with marginalized who, despite struggle, find hope
in their reality.

"There is no

foreign land; it is

the traveler only

that is foreign."


Robert Louis Stevenson ~


*  *  *  *





 Global Awareness Through Experience
  Welcomes people from all faith traditions. 
  Stands in solidarity with the global community. 
  Allows the traveler to approach a people as
                    pilgrim, in deep respect for their culture
                    and history. 
  Shows life through the eyes of the poor,
                    women's groups and grass
                    roots communities.
  Offers insight into the implications of global
                   economics and politics.
  Integrates each day's experiences with
                    dialogue and reflection.
  Draws on more than 30 years of experience to
                    offer opportunities that touch the heart
                    and speak to the soul. Unique opportunities
                    that can transform one's life.




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