GATE offers cultural   immersion programs and   pilgrimage opportunities in Latin America. 

Our mission is to create
an awareness of other
cultures and their realities through people-to-people connections.  

We offer the opportunity to learn from the poor, as well as, from social analysts,   teachers, theologians and economists. The program connects participants   with marginalized who, despite struggle, find hope
in their reality.

"There is no

foreign land; it is

the traveler only

that is foreign."


Robert Louis Stevenson ~


*  *  *  *





 Global Awareness Through Experience
  Welcomes people from all faith traditions. 
  Stands in solidarity with the global community. 
  Allows the traveler to approach a people as
                    pilgrim, in deep respect for their culture
                    and history. 
  Shows life through the eyes of the poor,
                    women's groups and grass
                    roots communities.
  Offers insight into the implications of global
                   economics and politics.
  Integrates each day's experiences with
                    dialogue and reflection.
  Draws on more than 30 years of experience to
                    offer opportunities that touch the heart
                    and speak to the soul. Unique opportunities
                    that can transform one's life.


Travel News from

Marie in Mexico:


Finally there is some positive news from Mexico!
Please click on the BBC News link below,

and then scroll down in the article to the

blue letters that read: TRAVEL WARNINGS.
Then scroll down and click on MEXICO

The county is divided by regions, so if you scroll down
the page for Mexico, below the General

Conditions section, you will note that
Mexico City, Chiapas & Oaxaca are listed as:
Mexico City
(also known as the Federal District):
No advisory is in effect
Chiapas: San Cristobal de las Casas
is a major city/travel destination in Chiapas
(map= ):
No advisory is in effect


No advisory is in effect



   The State Department site confirms what I am

reading here in Mexico City newspapers:

Tourism is up,  

and Mexico is the # 1 site for U.S. tourists.

Besides Mexico City, Chiapas and Oaxaca being sites

where "no travel advisory is in effect," the nearby States

of Puebla and Mexico have no advisories,

as well as the State of Queretero. 


News about Mexico is often dominated by drug violence,

but David A Shirk of the Trans-Border Institute

at San Diego University argues it is 

time to challenge overly negative views of the country:




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