Mexico City and Chiapas
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Contrast the dynamics of life in Mexico City with the rural reality of Chiapas. Meet with people who offer hope through alternative models of work, society and governance. See the importance of water projects and schools in isolated areas. Learn of the unique contributions of indigenous people to Mexican reality. Understand the struggle for land and rights. Appreciate the natural beauty of this Mexican State.
Join us as we stand in solidarity with people and organizations.
Mural in an indigenous village.
In Mexico City:
  • Participate in a guided tour of National Museum of Anthropology
  • Learn of contemporary reality
  • Understand from Women for Dialogue women's reality in Mexico City and Chiapas
  • Visit Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe and understand grass-roots religiosity
  • Understand the reality of children of the street through the work of a psychologist
  • Witness life in one of the largest cities in the world

 The Chiapas portion includes:

  • Witness a curandero (healer) and his work with indigenous people and customs of the area; visit his museum and collection of traje (typical clothing)
  • Learn from a presentation on the modern history of Mexico
  • Visit San Juan Chamula, where unique indigenous rituals take place daily, and Zinacantan, where weavers do their work and sell their wares
  • Learn about the state of Mexican economy and how it affects the people
  • Visit with offices and groups in Chiapas and be inspired by their vision for change, justice and equality
  • Experience the beauty of this southern state with its natural resources 

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Diego Rivera mural in Mexico City.
Upcoming Programs
Dates to be announced...
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Program fees: $1,450.00* plus registration fee

PLUS domestic airfare to Chiapas, around $240.00 USD

(Airfare is subject to change, depending upon the airline) 


Registration fees: $100.00 if registered by the deadline date.

* $150.00 late registration fee

*Program fees are subject to change.

 *International airfare not included. In-Country airfare from Mexico City to Chiapas is additional to the program fee. All trips include transportation (except taxi to airport at the end of the trip), accommodations, and food (except one meal).
"It was like a pilgrimage for me and a dream come true
to be with the indigenous people, to hear from them
directly about their experiences."
~ S. J. P., Massachusetts

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